VL : Error loading / error log

Hey all

I started patching something as a test.
I saw a glimpse of Hayden’s CNTK implementation (which isn’t public) and started patchign something with CNTK myself to test (anyway it’s more an educational thing for myself, so makes sense to start from scratch - i’m not trying to make a library).

I created a VL patch, made a few bits, quit and reload but the VL node would be red in VVVV and would fail to load if i dragged it in again (no message, just a very brief appearence of the VL loading/splash dialog). So I started again, but the same thing happens.

No errors appear in the VVVV TTY renderer (perhaps VL exceptions dont end up there). Is there any way to see a log of errors for VL (e.g. errors which might happen at load time and block a VL patch from being loaded successfully)

Thank you

Currently trying to incrementally change the patch and see when it breaks…

V4 side went red after i added a few operations and reloaded.
But could fix it by starting with a blank patch and dragging in the VL file.

BUT,…that still doesn’t work for the file i saved previously which is much more complex.

Continuing to dry test…

For reference here’s the patch which doesn’t load

VVVV.Value.CNTK.vl (55.8 KB)

And if interested, here’s one which still does load:

VVVV.Value.emptyVL.vl (57.5 KB)

OK I’ve got quite a bit past where I was before when it failed to save/load. So can’t reproduce the issue

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