VL empty?

Why After installing VL.OpenCV, and opening DemoDX9 the VL is empty and the node is red?

Also when I am trying from an new (template) vl plugin to “activate” the package VL.OpenCV - got an error…

– Windows 10 x64, vvvv_50beta38.1_x64, packs: DX11

Any help is appreciated!

best regards

hi zeos,
VL.OpenCV curretly only works in alphas.

however there are older versions of the pack you could use. but i don’t know the exact version.

I believe the last known version to properly behave with beta was 0.2.63, of course it will be missing all the latest features but you should have most of what you need.

Not sure if this is necessary but I would recommend you to to remove your current VL.OpenCV version from your lib\packs directory as well as all OpenCVSharp packages.

After that you should be able to do a:

nuget install VL.OpenCV -version 0.2.63-alpha

Let me know if you run into any troubles.

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