Really excited to try this new version of Elementa. Big thanks Dottore and the colaborators!

Not sure if this is the place to report a bug but it seems that the defaultStyleSheet node is broken.

Also in the example file NewStyleSystem the StyleableProcessor is erroring “The fragment create has errors”.

Using vvvv gamma 2020.1.4


Peek inside it, I think it had something to do with a FontFamily being set to something that might not be available on your system. This issue came up in the webinar today.

Other than that, issues go here: https://github.com/vvvv-dottore/VL.Elementa/issues
Maybe post it there to have it in one place, in case Natan forgot.
Someone will pick it up in there!


I actually did watch the webminar I I missed that one.I just checked and it is indeed a missing font issue. It comes set to Adobe Arabic Family which is not on my system.

I will post it on github in case it can be change to a more standard font perhaps.


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