I just published a new package that enables using Elgato StreamDeck in VVVV Gamma:


  • Receive Key inputs (with some convenience nodes like KeyBang, KeyToggle)
  • Send Fullscreen images to the display (running in a non-blocking way). This is the most performant way to set a background to all keys at once
  • set individual key backgrounds - either as color or as image


  • Was tested with the classic StreamDeck only (5x3 keys), which is not in production any more. It might work with different devices (like StreamDeck MK.2, XL, …) as well, but I don’t really know. Feedback welcome, if you have another device.
  • The library is based on StreamDeckSharp in version 3.2.0. The newer versions (5+) did not work for me for reasons I could not figure out.

Have fun!


repo is here:

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i just had the chance to do a quick test with a Stream Deck XL and can happily report that it works nicely!


it also works with my stream deck I got last week

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@sunep what hardware version did you get?


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I’m still figuring out what to use it for. but I am quite sure I will find a handy use case