VL.Devices.LaserCube Implementation

Some time ago I became the owner of the device and for almost two years I have been dreaming of getting access to it via VVVV. The difficulty was that there is a C++ implementation, but it’s bad, tied to QT with signal concepts and hard to read quickly. Fortunately, there is a successful hack in Python which, by linking to the original sources, managed to figure out what was going on. I tried to write in pure C#, but at some point I got involved and managed to implement everything in VL.


libLaserdockCore/LaserDockNetworkDevice.cpp at master · Wickedlasers/libLaserdockCore · GitHub

LaserCube controller · GitHub

Anyway, I’m making my proof of concept available to anyone who wants it and to those who own the device too. Maybe we can work together to make this a complete tool.

lasercube_VL_1.vl (257.8 KB)