Started working on patching VL.Devices.Kinect for the 1. generation of Kinect:

The goal is to have a a nodeset similar to VL.Devices.Kinect2 but for the first version (or similar to the Kinect nodes in beta but for gamma. I’m assuming it probably will be a mix.)

Node structure still not 100% set in stone and WIP, current state

  • [o] Kinect: Kinda works
  • [o] RGB: Kinda works. Colors are a bit funky when interpreting the RGB values
  • [x] Depth: Mostly done
  • [o] Skeleton: WIP: Currently fixing some projection issues and more
  • [ ] Face

I’ll keep y’all updated


looks like you have BGRA for color
Face, is it even works for k1? I don’t think so

@antokhio yup I was able to fix the color :)
Face is not part of the SDK as is, but the toolkit comes with a facetracking dll that I’m gonna add (mostly to have some kind of feature parity with the kinect add-on for beta)

Also, status update as of now:

The nodes are mostly done

  • [x] Kinect : works, allows setting elevation angle and tracking mode
  • [x] RGB : works. returns an image
  • [x] Depth : works, return raw depth and a depth image
  • [x] Skeleton : works but node signatures probably need some more improvement, returns joint positions and bones
  • [o] Face: WIP

It’s currently developed with gamma 236, using some System.Resource functionalities that should make resource management better, but stability is a bit wonkier than before


updates now shipping with latest available nuget:

  • image nodes are now: ColorImage, DepthImage and BodyImage (to be in line with other depth cameras)
  • added PointCloud node
  • improved Face performance
  • added Stickman (easy node to visualize skeletons)
  • added tooltip for skeletons