hei ho ho,

I recently needed some DBSCAN algorithm in VL, so here’s viceroypenguin’s DBSCAN .NET lib in VL.

DBSCAN allows you to track clusters of points in a 2D pointcloud, see this GIF :


To install the package, go to VL’s command line and type

nuget install VL.DBSCAN

The CalculateClusters node will be available in the 2D category.

There’s a small demo patch (using Skia) inside. Original repo is here.

Any suggestions/feedback welcome !




just quickly 2 things:

  • make the Epsilon input a Float32. in general user-facing values should only be non-advanced primitive types. i guess it is very unlikely that this would have a disadvantage in this case?!
  • set meaningful defaults for the inputs: for epsilon that obviously depends on the input. but i’d assume an input in the -1/1 coordinate space, therefore probably a default of 0.1? for point count i’d set it to 1

hey joreg,

thanks for those suggestions, I’ve updated the package!