VL BUG: Can't close VL window when no VL subpatch open

In VVVV50alpha:

  • right-click VL node to open the VL editor
  • middle-click on patch/document (not sure what the correect terminology is) name on the right side of the arrows to close it so no patch is showing.
  • try to close VL-window with ctrl+w and an exception pop-ups instead
  • if you open or create a new patch you can then close it as normal

would like to reproduce, but can’t. what i am doing:

  • start vvvv50
  • create a VL Template node
  • rightclick to open the VL editor
  • middleclick the “Template” tab so the patch is closed
  • press ctrl+w to close the editor
  • no error

what are you doing differently?

I just tried on a new computer:

  • Start vvvv50
  • Save patch
  • Clone VL Template as TemplateVLBggTest
  • Right-click to open VL editor
  • middle-click TemplateVLBggTest tab to close it
  • ctrl-w to try to close VL editor


cannot reproduce this either, what windows and windows UI setting do you use? any software running in the background which alters keyboard input?

i was finally able to reproduce with an older version, but not with my local build or the latest from alphas. can you please try with latest alpha and report?

Windows 8.1 Pro on Surface Pro 2.
Also reproduced on another Windows 8.1 system on my stationary workshop computer.

What Windows UI settings are you referring too?

Can’t really think of anything special that should have any effect.

Ok, can’t reproduce it either now on surface pro 2 system with 32bit build 2d0047ae12