VL.Audio works only first time

Maybe related to VL.Audio OSC bug in 2019.2

It´s all fine the first time I open any demo patch, then if I close gamma and reopen I get the same error in FFT node or AudioIn, as mentioned in the other thread. Only reinstalling fixes the issue, but then it stops working again.

Not sure if related but with the VL.Audio dependency enabled I get this error if I try to export:

Csc: : ERROR VL.Audio.vl.cs(5002,44): Preprocessor directives must appear as the first non-whitespace character on a line

Csc: : ERROR VL.Audio.vl.cs(5559,49): Preprocessor directives must appear as the first non-whitespace character on a line

no errors if I delete the dependency.

please check with latest VL.Audio if this now works for you.

None of the Help Patches are working for me with the latest Gamma (Overview is crashing)

you have asio4all installed?
what’s the message in the tooltip when you hover the red AudioEngine node?

Yes sure I have even reinstalled bith Asio4All and VL.Audio before posting.

hm…could you please rightclick open the AudioEngine node and follow the red nodes to see if we get any better hints?

oh i just see in your screenshot that apparently you’re not using latest. there is no “HowTo use AudioIn” in latest.

please make sure to use vvvv gamma 2020.2 and run:

nuget install vl.audio -pre

again to get latest vl.audio 0.2.0 preview

OK surely enough I had hastily read “latest” and thought “latest gamma”, still with issue though, the Asio4All panel is not popping up at all.

if I open Overview there is always one of the sources in purple
if I open FFT, AudioIn is purple but if I open Play a File, which works, then Asio4All pops out and if I try again FFT it works properly, using an onboard Realtek audio device.

indeed, i found a bugger there. please now try with latest VL.Audio 0.2.1-alpha

Now FFT working, but the Overview help patch is still either crashing or showing purple nodes.

pls be more exact. what exact steps are you taking from starting vvvv to produce what errer.

Same as mentioned before, start 2020.2, run Overview from help patches, Gamma crashes. Start Gamma again, run Overview from help patches, if it does not crash Gamma then there are purple nodes (any of the sources)

thanks for insisting. indeed i found another one. please check latest VL.Audio 0.2.2-alpha

Overall VL.Audio seems to work but the Overview help patch still crashes the only thing I can notice before it crashes it is the 44100 enumeration underlined in red.

yes, we saw that sometimes, some cards don’t support 44100…
can you try to set it to 48000 and then save and restart?

ah, finally was able to reproduce your crash. cheese… VL.Audio 0.2.3-alpha should fix that. the red enumeration is still there but shouldn’t be an issue for now.

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Alles wunderbar here now, thanks.