VL.Audio Wavwriter set Bitrate

Is there an easy way to control the Bitrate that wavwriter will use for the created file?

Right now I only get 32 bits even though I’m wavreading a file that is 16 bit.


internally we use the standard audio file writer of NAudio, which saves 16-bit PCM wave files. if you need another format, you have to use an audio file converter for now.

it wouldn’t be too difficult, but currently, there is no timeline for adding the sample converter.

not sure why I’m actually getting 32 bit file with this network though.

Actually I just tested the example file “How to work with buffers” and does output a 32 bit wav file as well.

The wavwriter at the top of the example file outputs a 32 bit file.

hey, sorry, I was talking about the recorder node. I wasn’t aware of this node. In this case, I guess there is no wave converter in between as the recorder has. it just saves the samples as they are in the buffer, in VL.Audio everything is 32-float.

@joreg maybe have a look and check how the wave recorder does it in order to have them doing the same.

Thanks @tonfilm.

It would be great if it could simply write same 16-bit PCM waves file as the recorder node since it’s a much more common format at least for audio gear.

I’m just trying to use it as a small batch audio processor for samples on disk for editing drum kits to use in different hardware samplers but unfortunately none read 32 bit wav files.

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