VL.Audio - something's blocking audio output? (IFFT?)

Dear all, as asked on Element chat:

I’m playing around with generating Audio with IFFT.

The basic node chain is:

Oscillator → FFT → IFFT

I’m trying to change a) frequency of the oscillator or b) buffer size of FFT but the IFFT Output does not change. In fact, I have to hit F9 till suddenly the output works again. Feels like something is blocking the output.

Is there a chance that somebody tries this patch, maybe it’s a matter of my system? The IFFT Example works fine, btw. It’s so super cool. Big THANKS to everybody who did this!

20220317 VLAudio Excursion.vl (63.3 KB)

Hi, looked into your patch. I’m also interested in IFFT synthesis and just cannot understand how the node works.
When changing frequency in your patch, IFFT output does not change.
When I switch from wasapi to asio and back, it changes, but i guess it’s related to driver’s buffer size of something. It still does not depend on frequency. I also tried to make different spreads to feed the IFFT and I don’t see any logic.

thanks for the report, I found a bug in how the node checks for changes, it will be fixed shortly.


You can update the nuget now, it should be online.

I also want to add that this way of FFT and IFFT is not the correct processing chain as it leaves the audio thread and goes over to the mainloop and the back to the audio thread, so it will miss information and the stream is not continopus. a correct way would be entirely in the audio thread and do transform and inverse transform in a region.

wo dont have this kind of processing chain yet.

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