VL.Audio per sample

hi @tonfilm
I remember from the keynode at NODE15 that you did per sample calculations in a PerSample region. Does that exist in the current VL.Audio?
I see a big potential for fun.

Thanks, good reminder! It’s not there yet, but it should be quite easy to port…

it totally is, but I see one buzzkill. when you use any node that needs a clock (LFO, Stopwatch etc.), you have to connect the generated audio clock to all of them.

but probably better than not having it at all.

Couldn’t that be selected via a clock source enumerator? And perhaps even have that set default to audio clock if it lives in a per sample region. I mean there can only be so many clock sources.

we currently have no way to automate this conveniently. and if we have, we might need to change all animation nodes. this would need quite a bit of time… we have an issue with that in our backlog already.

issue is tracked here now:

this is pretty simple, I think, one just needs to copy the patches over, since they already exist VVVV.Audio.VL. so, who’s up for it? https://github.com/tebjan/VVVV.Audio/tree/master/nodes/vl

@sunep latest VL.Audio package comes with buffer and sample regions, including help patches.


@tonfilm will check it out soon

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