VL.Audio LTC

Thought I’d have ago at getting LTC in VL/audio, vvvv audio uses LTCSharp, so should be trivial…
Started trying to hack my way through the undergrowth of my ignorance, but blunted my knife rather quickly. How to get an audio buffer into a decoder?
Hardly even a basic patch, but has a test LTC audio file, and the LTCSharp.dll included

LTC.zip (3.7 MB)

I can get the sample buffer as floats, but how to make them into bytes for the Write Decoder? In the vvvv c# it suggests that the read buffer returns floats, and the read outputs floats.

I believe it isn’t the best idea to patch this, as the LTC and the audio engine can have different buffer sizes, it can be quite tricky to gurantee optimal latency… the way to go would be to copy these signal classes into VL.Audio and import them like we did with the other signals:

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