VL.Audio doesn't work in own patch, but help patches work

Hi all!
I’m trying to use VL.Audio in my own patch in VL 2021.4.7 and I’m facing some issues.

I create a DriverSettings node and select my driver with the first input (in my case : Wasapi Headset USB-C to 3.5mm), and set the correct parameters with the next inputs (most of them are default). Then, I make an AudioIn node. Normally, this should be enough in my understanding to get something out of the AudioIn.

In VL > 2021.4.7:
Nothing is coming out of the AudioIn. I see the spread but I don’t see any movement in the waveform:


In VL 2021.4.6
There I have some signals! It is working correctly:


I tried to open some patches from the Help Browser on VL > 2021.4.7, and the help patches are working correctly. I can see the waveform moving, and I can also play some audio. BUT, if I try to copy and paste the set of nodes into a new patch, then it doesn’t work anymore…

I don’t understand and if someone has some hint on this, I would be really grateful!

please see the answer here: AudioIn doesn't update with only preview - #2 by tonfilm

Ah thanks, I was looking for some similar behavior on the forum, but i didn’t find this post.
I understand now why this is happening, but I also agree that in the case of the AudioIn it is quite counter-intuitive.

We change the behavior of the AudioIn tooltip now, see:

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