VL.Audio Audio to Queue an FFT issue

Since moving to 2021.4.7-0850 and 0.5.1-alpha of VL.Audio the output of the FFT is now an IReadOnlyList<Float 32>, I’ve found a work around to this by putting it into a ForEach and then out brings it back to a Spread so it can be used in this patch.

I’m not really sure whay an IReadOnlyList<Float 32> is, or how to deal with it.

Here’s an example:

How to Audio to Queue an FFT.vl (38.8 KB)

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IReadOnlyList is one of the many collection types VL supports. the mother of all collection types is the Sequence, therfore you can use a FromSequence node to convert to a spread e.g.

for your specific example: as of 2021.4.7 the resample nodes have IReadOnlyList as inputs, therefor your can make the connection from FFT to Resample… directly.

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