hello there,

Made a small VL wrapper around the Simplify.NET lib. It allows you to simplify a 2D line, based on a user-defined tolerance variable.

To install, go to Gamma’s command line and type

nuget install VL.2D.Simplify

Then strike F1 to open the help browser and check the Simplify a polygon Howto.


You can see here the simplified line in blue, and the original one in purple.

Aaaaand the source is here.




ah nice, i also played a bit with curve simplifications and made this patch to compare several algorithms. (patch is quite a mess, but not complicated tough)

VL.Simplify_test.7z (122.2 KB)

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this might also be interesting.

it not only handles Simplify ( CurvePreprocess.RdpReduce() …)
it also handles CurveFit (CurveFit.Fit(reduced, 8)), so finding a Bézier curve with C1 continuity from a List

I haven’t tried it in VL yet, but it should actually work.

burningmime/curves is also part of my comparison

thanks for sharing those, I’ll check it out to see how it could be included to the package :)

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