Visualizer for granular sound

Good morning. Does anyone have advice for a visualizer for a granular sound? patches or ideas? everything

Hello there, welcome!

We will do something like this in this workshop. Sign up if you have time!


This tutorial will get you started with Audio and FFT:

Should be mentioned that in the meantime we got this extension to configure the audio driver. So you don’t have to use the node for the driver settings as proposed in Takumas video. You can do so via Quad Menu > Extensions > VL.Audio Configuration.

Also in the tutorial Asia4All and VoiceMeeter are used, which I think are not really necessary anymore for getting the system sound into vvvv. Just set the input in the configuration window to Loopback.

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Thanks guys, and any ideas for a visualizer working with music that I can create?

Well, the possibilities are endless… here are some starting points.

You can also check VL.ThePatchersGuide, especially the topic about Audio Input.

yeah but these are all past, I can no longer attend them. Is it possible to have the recorded lessons?

All them workshops are recorded, you will get access immediately after signing up!

thanks so much