Visualising Sound

Has anyone done or seen any interesting vvvv experiments in visualising audio, particularly using fft, for example in a way that gives distinct patterns of geometry or colour in response to repeating music?

I know that’s a very vague question, and I could be more specific, but I’m interested in any approaches really.


I ve just done some visuals over a marimba during a marimba/cello concert.
I mapped the 34 tubes facing the public and used fft to deliver to each tube a single frequency where the amplitude was represented by a column of light.
I also used the bezier spread to create some “waves” of color along the tubes, I still don t know if anybody has taken any video…

Sounds great. I’ve not tried the bezier spread. What was your process for making the ‘waves’ of colour?

did you go through the gallery yet? there are quite some examples of music visualisation.

Just connect the bezier spread output to transform-translate y for example. The spread the color with linear spread and HSV