Visual Studio & Color Tracking

Hey guys,

I have a little camera, OpenCv, VS2005, and i want to detect a few objects.

So i asked uncle google: “hey can you give me a color tracker?”
google :“yeah, visit vvvv”.

So i found the freeframe colortracker plugin".

My Question:
Is there any chance to use the plugin within my Visual Studio Project? (Im not very experienced in programming)

Thanks in advance,

Think it is here Sourceforge.

What you want to do with the tracked colours?

if you want to integrate the colortracker-code in your own software you have several options:

  • your software uses directshow for video?
    then use the, a directshow-filter that allows you to wrap around freeframe plugins and thus use any freeframe plugin in a directshow graph. that is the same as vvvv does it.

  • your software uses freeframe already
    for using the trackers offered with vvvv you’d need to implement the Extended FreeFrame Specification in your freeframe host. should not be too hard.

  • neither directshow nor freeframe
    vvvvs trackers are based on openCV. so you may just want to have a look at the colortrackers relevant code: mostly in the
    function to see what parts of openCV it uses. and how.