Visual studio 2010

hey all.

if i convert my cpp plugins to VS2010 (based on PluginTemplateCpp on the SVN), it doesn’t really work…

it makes the dll file, i have to repoint VS to vvvv.exe again (and sometimes reattach process). but when i have vvvv open, it doesn’t list my plugins. if i drag my plugins DLL into the VVVV window, I get nothing.

everything seems to build fine. any suggestions what i should look at?


(biggest issue is that ever since installing VS2010, my intellisense in VS2008 has been broken, and uninstalling doesn’t seem to fix that, so think fate’s telling me to upgrade kicking and screaming)

intellisense doesn’t work with VS2010 RC1 w/C++/CLI
and there’s mention that it probably wont be in the final release either

have you set the target framework of your project to .NET 2.0?

oh dear
i wrote quite a little guide into this thread on how to setup vs2010 to build v4 plugins.
i must have forgotten to press send :’(

cli is a different issue. it seems MS is ignoring C++ developers a bit on 2010