Visual recursion problems

hi there,

i tried to do some visually recursive things by feeding back the renderer content into another renderer and back again. everything is fine, until i save and close the patch.

next time i open the patch the tty gives me a ton of weird errors concerning access violations and group-related fails. also the visuals are not correct. the only way to work around that seems to save the patch without closing the feedback loop and connecting them at runtime.

has anyone experienced similar problems?


perhaps a Switch (Node Input) could help as a botcharound?

ai velcrom is this on a single monitor setup?

Hi All

I have discovered the same behaviour… I have used the same solution as kalle suggest. I have made a little module that I use in stead of the regular Queue when making feedback, I have attached it here.

QueueDelay (EX9.Texture).v4p (3.0 kB)

isn’t there a patch in the girlpower which uses feedback? does that one work?


I have been wondering about that too, I checked it out and it seems that if you make one more renderpass you don’t need this fix. however this is a bit speculation from my side, and it does not fit very well with the game of life patch in the pixelshaders for newbies that makes feedback using just one renderer.

I would like to be enlightened.



I’m a vvvv newb and made a feedback loop without following anyone else’s patches and I ended up with two Render nodes and two DX9 Texture nodes.

I don’t know how ‘correct’ this is but it works and I’ve had no errors on reloading the patch, save or no save.



True it works with two renderpasses. The reason for the little module is to just have one renderer to save resources and to have just one frame of delay in the feedback loop.

often it is not a problem to have two renderpasses in which case your solution is fine.

and to me it is not really a problem, I’d just like to get a better understanding of why it work the way it does.


unfortunately the problem stayed. neither switch nor queue did much to prevent this. i guess this is because the recursion is only part of a (much) bigger application.

the solution i have now is some setpatch abuse. as long as the recursion is not closed at startup everything is fine, so i figured i close the circuit only some time after startup.

solution files are attached.
only problem is: when closing vvvv the SetLinkHelper patch must not be saved. otherwise the problem reappears next time the patch is started. (2.5 kB)