Visual feedback Reactable

Hi everybody ,

I try to build a reactable and , i really need some help for the visual feedback . Does somebody has a patch to show me ? Or some ideas …? Which nodes I’ve to use ?
I need some help to know how to create the “link” (the frequency signal) between two points…
If someone could help me , it could be great !


In order to deal with visual feedback you have to reinject the output of a renderer into the renderer input. Basiclly this is done in combination with the Group (EX9) (check it’s helpfile to look at the input drawing order)and DX9Texture (EX9.Texture) nodes.

@tonfilm made a patch demonstrating motion blur using visual feedback you can have a look here.

Is that what you are looking for ??

I need some help to know how to create the “link” (the >frequency signal) between two points…

In a 2d/3d space?


Thank you for the reply but , i think it’s not what i’m looking for .
But, you may could help me .
You can see a video of the reactable on dailymotion at :
The “sound part” of the reactable is designed with Pure Data but, i’m prety sure that the graphical designed is made with 4V .
I think it’s not really hard to do this for someone who know 4V.
For the moment, I use the fiducialtraker node to know the coordinates of the fiducials .
But i don’t know how to represent the “sound signal” between two points like in the video…
What i call the “visual feedback” is all the graphical part of the reactable . The frequency , but also the round around the fiducial , the volume controller …

Someone tells me to use the “Roundrect node with the Rope node and some Transform 2D” but i’m a little bit lost …

Help ?

I think it’s not really hard to do this for someone who know 4V.

are you sure? i am not.

but i’m a little bit lost

perhaps you should start with some less advanced projects.
where should we help you?
the more precise your questions, the more easy and fast you get help and answers.


Ok , it could be hard for anybody … :)
So, I will try to do it step by step .
First , I want to know how to create the “frequency line” between two fiducials .

So, I have a static point (or fiducial) and when i add another fiducial, a sound is played and a line is created between these two points to show the waveform of the sound…

Does somebody has any idea ?

i’m prety sure that the graphical designed is made with 4V
nope. it is done with opengl on linux.

anyway you may be interested in ScopeSpread(DShow9). see its helppatch…

Ok , I will stop to say that "i’m sure " :)

Thanks for the help. I will test this node right now !

…and use the ScopeSpread (DShow9) to manipulate a Line (EX9.Geometry) . somewhat irritating helppatch though.

Thanks kalle!

I’ll be without my internet access for a week … ouch !
But i’ll test what you suggest me .
Next week, I will ask you a lot of questions, i’m s…

i’m already frightened ;)

I made my LinearInterpolotion thingy just for this purpose, now you have some points between 2 feducials, you can manipulate those points with the Scopespread, add some Circulairspread (factor 0.5, to make begin and end stick) and use my Points2Rope module and a Rope node. (for example).

EDIT: Link fixed, thnx hiero

The link actually points to “”, cheers west :)

The funny thing is that the link does point to the right place. It’s just that the forum interpret it wrong.

A project like this is not that hard to make if you tackle it in baby steps. And start in the right place.

You should start by making a block diagram of what you want vvvv to do. And then you start dividing the blocks to smaller boxes that in the end will make up all the sub-patches.

Starting to patch something large without a clear and defined goal will make your head spin.

Thank West for your subpatches !
Could you explain to me how to manipulate the points with the Scopespread between these 2 fiducials …? I’m lost …

What David_Web said is very important if you start and make any project bigger than 2 subpatches. You must understand how sub-patches and modules work.

Anyway, I made a small example for you, introducing some new nodes, like a Points2Vector and ApplyTransform, hope you understand what is going on, I packed it with help text too. (8.3 kB)

Thanks a lot West !
I try to do it in baby steps , I really want to understand how this is working !

hi west, I’m looking at your scopy patch and it’s very nice!

Just one question for you…

If I want to add more fiducials, do I have to edit your linearInterpolationSpread to allow for more inputs?

I worked it out. what you showed was perfect. I needed to work out what I needed for myself. thanks a million. it’s GREAT.

I made this one with all things what you say here, actually it can handle the fiducials 0 and 1, just connect your camera and put in front of it these fiducials and put some music…

i dont know how produce sound, since the WavePlayer node is broken i trying to make something with Processing and PureData, and i guess what all excpetions for the relationships between other fiducials must be done by hand, reactable for the masses and for learning.

you must include the LinearInterpolationSpread node

FiducialTrack.v4p (22.2 kB)