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I have VC++ 2017 installed (both x86 and x64), vvvv.exe runs without problems, but setup.exe says I don’t have it installed.

Windows 10, vvvv beta36_rc4 64bit

It’s been posted a couple of times and is supposed to be fixed already I think?

Aha right, newer versions released by ms all the time.

trying to find a solution for false test on 2017 / 2015

my findings are. first there is appearently a bug in visual c++ redis. 2017 v14.11 (concerning registry entry problems), which is currently linked in the beta version!

the most recent and appearently fixed version is v.14.14. isn’t it a better idea to have the setup refer to links saved on the vvvv server in order to make changes to the download links, without having to do another release ? allows you to react to ms changes if necessary

and then there seems to be something wrong with the setup check for versions itself, internet says you check the registry for this.

c++ 2017 64bit should have this entry

i found it in the registry but vvvv setup states, no there is no 2017 c++ redis. this can be improved if i’m not mistaken.

hope this helps to cope with the redis problems, which are really irritating to beginners, seeing this on all systems right now.

edit: or just include the stuff in the vvvv version if possible to avoid this installation madness

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beta38, virgin windows 10 installation and the problem persists (and could be easily solved)

i’m not trying to be a pain, its just for the record that the test in setup.exe basically doesn’t work. yesterday it was all green, today i have a red indication.

can you please try to uninstall that redist and then check in the registry if the key is actually removed? for me it is still there after uninstall and even restart.

i finally found a solution that seems to work. please test with latest alphas and report.

fixes in latest alpha:

  • shipping with required redistributables. so if one is missing, you simply need to press the respective “Install” button
  • detection of versions should now work properly. ie if any version of 2017 is installed, setup will show green
  • the /silent commandline option tries to install missing redistributables
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