Visual artist/Programmer Needed to tour in USA/Canada/Europe


MJy name is Loga. I am with an acoustic/electronic band based in LA called Niyaz that tours internationally. We have eighteen concerts that are coming up in 2017/2018. The program for the visual aspect of the show has been created but we need someone to travel with us to run the proram. The pay is good and the schedule is not too intense.

He/she must be:

  • Person with a good knowledge of V4, and infrared Camera.
  • Some stage lighting experience,
  • Must be willing to learn the existing patch written in V4 and rehearse.
  • Must be able to travel outside of USA (Valid Passport).

During the show:

  1. Set up: Computer connection to the projector/Monitor/infrared Camera.
  2. Set up: Manage the stage crew to follow the lighting plan.
  3. Collaborate the camera exposure and the sound input so that the visuals would react properly.
  4. Scale all the visuals to fit the stage. There is a UI for scaling everything over all and then there is a micro x/y for each individual element.

Preferably we would like for a person in Southern California/Montreal/Toronto. Paris is also a possibility.

Here is a link to the teaser for the show: