Vista Problem :-(

Ive just got a new laptop Asus G1S which is running Vista and the first time ran vvvv i needed to select “Run as Administrator” as mentined in a previous thread.
The problem is everytime i start vvvv now i get an error message saying:

Exception EInOutError in module at 000210D8. I/O error 103.

vvvv still runs after this error but it is a bit of an anyoyance having to start vvvv with the “Run as Administrator” option every time.

Anyone had the same issue and have a fix?

you can solve this - but the solution is also annoying. go to your vvvv shortcut icon -> right click -> compatibility -> select “Run Program as Administrator”.

Now the error doesn’t appear anymore but now every time you start vvvv or a vvvv patch a sandbox appears where you have to accept that a admin programm starts. you can disable this in your user account settings, but then also a virus program can install very easily (because no popup will appear anymore) - maybe the new vista service pack is a sollution for this annoying “feature”.

Yeah, i did start it first time with the Run as admin option, but now it comes up with another error

Exception EInOutError in module at 000210D8. I/O error 103.

even after the first time, although it still runs.
Maybe Vista has had yet another buggy update :-s

strange. are you using the SharedMem node at all?
if not you may savely remove SharedMemTip.dll from the \bin directory. it is a very special node that you may not need in your lifetime.

good to know. now everything seems to work without a problem. @joreg what is this node doing?

it is a directshow filter that can write a videostream to a shared memory location where it can read by another application. since video devices can always only be opened by one application i am using this in a situation where i have vvvv and another application running that both need the same camera input.

Thanks Joreg, thats done the trick. THat sounds like a handy node for certain applications, good to know.
Cheers again