Visibility commandline

Hi devvvvs, just wondered if it was possible to set visibility of a custom rootpatch in the args file?

Thanx a lot,

alora, not in the argsfile, but if you save your projekt once with the rootpatch hidden it should pop up like this the next time. i think the info is actually saved in the (root)patches tag…

i’d have to check closer if this isn’t working for you.

Hi joreg,
Well, everytime I start vvvv I hit alt+3 to hide rootpatch, then I work on my patch and save it. But the rootpatch appears once again at next start.

I didn’t mention but the rootpatch is located in my project folder (see this)

ouright, then you can fix that manually by opening the .xml file in a texteditor (not notepad! as it usually messes with the files encoding type on save) and add the
argument to the PATCH tag. that should work.

It doesn’t work, rootpatch still appear when vvvv starts… Actually I had to modify and save _root.v4p for an .xml file to be created, because basically I had no _root.v4p or _root.xml file in my project folder.

sory. typo above. don’t edit the line in the .xml file, but in the .v4p file! the .xml file is never used, it is only a backup.

Nop… _root.v4p still visible… Here is the content of _root.v4p, I may have made something wrong…

ok, here it is

_root.v4p (151 Bytes)

ai, please attach the file.

UP!.. no text …

_root.v4p (151 Bytes)

ouright i remember. this only works if you have any vvvv window opening, eg at least a renderer.

OK, so I start vvvv, open a patch and modify it, hide the rootpatch, save everything and close the app… but _root.v4p is still here at next start.

Anyway, that’s not a big deal; if I directly open a patch without starting vvvv.exe, rootpatch doesn’t appear.

Thanx for your patience joreg! Cheers