Virtual mechanical street organ

I would like to build a virtual mechanical street organ (prop for a small theatre production).

My idea is to use the mouse-wheel and connect it with a crank. The speed rotating the crank should control the speed of a playback of a midi file.

So far so good.

I programmed a routine in vvvv that can measure, how much the value of the mousewheel changend in a given period.

The problem is changing the playback speed of the midi-file. Connecting my result to the speed node of the file-stream node doesn’t work correctly (the playback stopps, if the value is chaning). Any idea?

I found a thread “How do I achieve MIDI file step-by-step playback” but this doesn’t help.

there is a midi file reader from @beyon)): ((contribution:midi-file-reader

it is also used in a handy module included here: VVVV.Audio
in the girlpower example VSTSynth.v4p the notes are played according to a time value.

and don’t miss the girlpower folder /IO/Midi in the vvvv download.

Hello Bertelmann,

please note that mouse-whells are not made for continuous operation of this kind. If you want a reliable solution for a longer time get you a favor and buy a optical or magnetical encoder. I know they are expensive but …

I once had a similar idea, using a mouse sensor to measure the transport position of a old Arri film camera, after the fourth role of film the sensor broke - unfortunately that was short before opening the exhibition :(