ViewPort (DX11)

hello dx11 aka vux,

while porting the multiscreen module to dx11 i came across weird behaviors regarding ViewPort.

see attached patch… is it a bug or a feature i simply don’t understand?


Viewport.v4p (9.1 kB)

ah, if you resize the dx11 renderer the problem becomes more obvious.

Yes that’s normal, dx11 way of handling viewport is different than in old dx9.

DX11 node is as simple:
Size XY is full screen size, 1 being full screen.
Center XY is center unit being the same (eg: it divides by pixel size).

So it basically works pixel based (which is how dx handles it internally, so no random transform stuff).

(Reminds me i wanted to add pixel viewport ;)

ai, the new viewport node works like a charm with one exception:
if you resize the renderer, the viewport settings don’t update. like shown in the patch above.

Mmmh it does, viewport in dx11 is in percentage unit, so resizing renderer changes the viewport (at least while trying right now)