View Transform - camera or not?


During my vvvv time thus far I have been treating the transform of an object (eg a box in a shader) as a way of moving/altering that object, and the view transform of a renderer as a way of moving/altering the camera viewing that object.

I assumed that applying a translate (for example) to an object in the positive X axis would move it in one direction on the screen, and the same transform being applied to the view transform pin of the renderer watching that object would make the object appear to move in the opposite direction. Essentially that the results would appear to be inversed.

I’ve just patched a simple test of this and it’s not the case! Can anyone explain why as it’s bending my mind somewhat?


ViewTransform.v4p (9.0 kB)

it’s definitely not the same!

ViewTransform.v4p (10.4 kB)

remove the axis and it does ‘appear’ the same. I’m not sure why. I’d have though differently, but then I’ve never fully tried to understand all that view projection stuff

Cheers for the replies.

It seems that using an inverse transform node going into the view transform creates the behaviour I’d originally expected. Not sure why I didn’t notice this before.