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hey everybody,

i want to do something like this, i use a camera node to change the view to a 3D object, next step is to have a kind of a interface arround the screen. The tricky thing is that the interface is not changing the size or position.

its like an ego shooter with a GUI maybe. i dont wanna know how to build an interface, its only about the view projection.

first thougt was to overlay to renderwindows maybe, if this is possible.

anyone an idea?

if your interface is simple enough to be realized like that, you can just use Quad (DX9) to display the necessary textures and set the Space pin to ‘Projection’.

if your interface is more complex, you might like the SelfAlign.fx by @tonfilm from the User Shaders.

if nothing else helps (and now i move on speculative territory), you might have some success in putting the View and/or Projection Transforms (maybe even multiplied using * (Transform) )) of your camera through an Inverse (Transform) to properly transform your interface geometry. i admittedly have no authority on that matter, though ;)

there are several possibilities to do sth like this.
i’d do a 3d rendering and use a texture of that in a second “GUI” Renderer which only does 2d stuff.

but thats only one possible approach.

3d2d.v4p (14.3 kB)

jes ,

to diki:
Space pin to 'Projection’looks good, but not every node
is able to switch it, for example text. the shader i will try in the future, i have to read “shaders for noobies” befor :)
the transform idea is a bit tricky, but thats also one of my thougts…

to kalle: in generall its perfect, the only thing is the lower
quality of the texture, but now i know to put several render windows together,

thanks guys!

you can improve texture quality by tweaking backbuffer size (width + heigth) of Renderer (EX9) and DX9Texture (EX9.Texture) .

use an inspektor to access those hidden pins.

ALWAYS use an inspektor. he is one of your best friends.

jes i can press strg+i faster then lucky luke :)
(is ther a trick to have him always in front?)

i already tried to change backpuffer size, but only in the render window…

now its looks perfect!!


ctrl-t keeps a window “always on top”.

but sometimes there is strange behaviour…
i suspect bugs related with this feature but can’t reproduce them.