I have got a problem with videotexture. In my patch there are two videostreams and if I play both only and always one is decorated with white noise. See pics.
I tried to change the dx priority, NonPow2 (little better). This patch worked on my laptop besides the bad power of my harddisk.

Please do you have any ideas?

Desktop (the bad one): Geforce 6800, AGP 8x, 128mb, directX 9
Laptop (just a little bad): ATI mobility radeon X300, 256mb, directx9
Both Vvvv 11.1.

disturb.JPG (28.7 kB)

hm. i don’t understand the screenshot. can we have the patch too? or maybe a simplified version showing the problem? are you using two videoIn nodes? if so, note that you cannot use the same physical input device (ie. camera) with two videoIn nodes.

Hi Joreg,

here is the patch. Videotextures are two videos (Codec HuffYuv) from harddisk - they work well on my laptop (ATI) or one after the other at the desktop (Geforce), but not both!?!?
The video at the front is with included alpha. I wrote a little alphavideo shader that take the alpha from a splitscreenvideo (Max had gave me that idea). Its split in two images. At top its colored and the lower part is just bw-alphachannel. The shader just grab the lower part and copies it to the colorimage. May be its a alphastuff? But this alphavideo works, the other flat colored videostream gives noise.

Thanks Frank (160.9 kB)

ok. strange. i am really not sure if i understand. if you make a simple patch that only plays two filestreams on two quads (via videotexture). then you get such strange noise on one? what if you play two non-huffyuv videos?

i have no idea where such a noise could come from. is that noise animated or still?

Hi Joreg,

think I catch the error: This HuffYuv-fu**-Codec. I changed the videofiles and saw that it just occurs if I had took a special pair of videos. Think I compressed them not same way. At HuffYuv you can select between three kinds of compressionrate. It seems that the Geforce or someother little men inside dont accept that.

Second error during the use of HuffYuv I had found…

But Im happy now :)

Ciao Frank