Videotexture on dual setup

hej guys!

strange things happen… having two renderers connected to the same quad with videotexture & filestream.
everythings ok as long as these renderer are on the same monitor. as soon as i put one on the second screen, the renderer on the first monitor shows the video skipping between two frames and doing some ugly transforms…

no idea what it could be…


this is a known bug.
by current design video (directshow graphs) are working on only one device. however, if the two monitors would share one device (which is in spanmode) then the direshow stream should work.

will be a thing i will run into, too.
makes it a bit difficult to fullscreen each renderer on one display!?

if you want to use spanmode you will have to use only one renderer.
so you only can go to fullscreen for all monitors at one time.

however if you want to display different scenes on those renderers you have to use the Viewport Transform Pin (which is hidden by default).

the multiscreen modules show how to work with one renderer going fullscreen on more than one monitor.