VideoTexture is tearing

I made a simple patch with a FileStream, VideoTexture, & Quad. There is really bad video tearing, especially at full screen. The video is 720p and I’ve tried many different codecs all suffer the same problem.

… of course if I use VideoOut or simply Windows Media Player there is no tearing… any ideas?

vidtest.v4p (4.7 kB)

I set the resolution of the renderer to the same resolution as the video files and suddenly the tearing is gone. How strange.

there should never be tearing in fullscreen if you have renderers present mode set to anything but immediately. is this happening on an ATI card? do you have latest drivers installed?

It’s a ATI Mobility FireGL V5200 with 512mb vram. I have the latest drivers installed and VSync enabled in the Catalyst Control Center. I’m not using immediately. I can simply flip the resolution of the renderer back and forth and the tearing dis/re-appears

jep…never heard of this happening on an nvidia card. also it seems to only happen in very rare cases and not depending on a certain card model or driver version. glad you found a workaround that works for you.