VideoTexture Help please

Good evening all;

Last weekend I found myself in a situation where I could use Vvvv for some basic VJing. The main VJ’s version of Resolume crashed constantly so I thought I would try something myself.
I’ve never ever done VJing before but I thought I could try and slap something together in V4.
Initially I thought about using the V4 objects I already know to try and make something on the fly; but sadly my V4 knowledge is nowhere near good enough to create on the fly visuals that look any good.

So anyway I took all of the VJs video clips and I tried to make a very basic VJ mixer in v4, 2 videos playing; change the alpha to fade the two in and out.

I used FileStream & VideoTexture onto a quad. The issues I found were that the video would not loop at all, even though the “Loop” input on the Filestream is set to 1.
I also had issues that when opening a video, everything would stop and freeze until the new video had loaded in. Obviously not amazing for a smooth transition.

Is there any way around the two issues I faced? If only I could get the videos to loop, and not glitch out when loading another clip, it would have all been fine.

Many thanks :)

check helpfile Filestream (EX9.Texture VLC)

Thank you very much, I think it may take me a while to work through the help file. Do we know if there’s any more documentation floating around that’s not so complex?

(total beginner)

depending on your GFX card Player (EX9.Texture) with DDS encoded image stacks might work better.

You need to set end time to the lenght of the clip, OR, just set it to 999999 ie longer than the clip and it will loop ( if the loops playing when you set the loop button, you need to restart the video)
Also set wait for frame on the video texture to 0, is just speeds things up a bit as the video texture just pumps out the next frame as soon as its ready.
Glitching when loading a clip is unfortunatly a problem, this can be minimised by using a fast codec, I use picvideo mjpg, and an SSD drive will help.
If youy select you videos from a list of file names and not a file browser that will help too.

Have a looks at @geometrica GridVideo. i did some tests with it, really amazing vj-racks
Have fun
But keep on reading the help patch
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