Videotexture and tracking

Hi there!

i got a (maybe simple) problem with video. mostly with the videotexture node. everytime i connect it (videoIn>videotexture or asvideo) the video starts play back in fullscreen, behind or in front of my patch. if its in front i get nervous, becaus it flickers like crazy. It happends mostly when i connect my seccond monitor/beamer. Is there any way to stop the playback? i dont want it, and my hole patch craches after a time. and i wonder why it play back outside of every renderer, sometimes it play behind my icons of the desktop... could u pleasse give me a hint, i dont no how to solve the problem…
thanks a lot,

ps:… and does anybody has a lot of crashes and system instability/performance problems with the arduino node? after a while a bluescreen says hello… without any message. and every patch turns to be verrrry slow… until… bluescreen…

hmm, sounds like a nasty bug. videoin is my sepcial friend at the moment ;) never got that much bsod’s

arduino node? do you mean colorsound’s arduino patches?

wow… that was fast… thanks so far!

arduino> a use the node from mr.benefit it shows every input/output. but it crashes. i used it often , but now it crashes. i realy don`t know why…

video> is there any chance to stop playback? the videoin works very good, but everytime the videotexture connected with a renderer shwos the video twice… in the renderer, and on my desktop… which makes realy nervous…

thnaks so far… any ideas? would help me alot!!

the arduino node works fine for me. maybe you directly ask mr. benefit. there is new release in the pipe and joreg fixes some directshow videoinput stuff at the moment, maybe you can wait a little and that will fix your problems.

best m9d

thanks a lot,

hm, waiting is some bad thing if you had to go ahead with your stuff, but sure, maybe its the only thing i could do. but i wonder that less people have the same problem. a friend of mine could connect everything the same way, without the problem. very bad.
so, thanks again

if i could help with errormessages and stuff like this, i will help as much as i can, the forum and the faq section is very good to learn!

hey abit - just have a look at the freshly released vvvv beta18 - maybe thats the solution for your problem.

Otherwise the more I think about it sounds more like you have a third party programm installed that starts with your camera (something like splitcam or other stuff … ), maybe you try reinstalling your cam drivers.

ah one other question concerning your arduino problem: you are sure you have only one instance of the arduino node around (no hidden one, maybe out of the scope)?!


jepp i`m sure, no other instance, only the one. no i tried as many drivers vor the connection as i could. but this starting to kill my regestry…anyway thanks a lot.

the videoin still doesnt work. i couldnt connect the camera without the drivers…and i didn`t found gerenic ones.
even i stopped every third party programm. but i remember the same problem with my other webcams… on other computers.
so maybe i missed a simple setting in one of the videonode?