VideoOut doesnt show up

Just started on vvvv.

Tryed to connect my webcam but videoOut node doesnt appear.
Renderer(TTY) tells me that DirectDraw is not installed or my video card doesnt support it.

But on Dxdiag (directx 9c)Directdraw is installed and working

(i am not on 16 bits ) (Im on an old laptop)

any ideas:


did you try out everything from the VideoIn (Tutorial).v4p that you can find at User Tutorials ?

Yes I did.

tryed on other pc, nothing yet.
I also updated my directX…

When i first run vvvv i had to download a d3dx9_30.dll
so that it would work, So I guess this is where the problem resides.

though shouldnt this dll come with directx:

or is a 32mb videocard too low for this:

if anyone can help


Tryed on another computer
same directx
same vvvv
same camera

32mb card

and working

I really want to get this working on my laptop

ps:that dll was also missing on the pc it worked

sory for being late on this.

concerning dx9: directx9c is not equal to directx9c. every two month microsoft releases a new version of directx9c which features new versions of the .dll you mentioned above. an update will always include all the older .dlls plus the the latest (resulting in an ever growing number of .dlls, right).

if vvvv on startup mentions such a .dll missing then just get the latest dx9c-runtime. current beta13.1 needs a dx9c runtime >= August06.

having direct-draw not installed is strange. in dxdiag go to the Display tab and check your drivers DDI-Version. this should state 9 (or higher) for vvvv to be able to work with videotextures. if it doesn’t, blame your graphiccards driver.