VideoIn Texture to DX11 problem


I tried to pass VideoIn(EX9.Texture) via DX9ToDX11 to DX11. In the DX9TODX11 I see the Shared Handle switching between to values?!? Hmmm, why.

Give the vvvvolks a patch!

sorry, here it is.

videoin_34.2x64.v4p (2.5 kB)

video is doublebuffered, hence the two handles.

when I change the Level to 1 the framesharedTexture isn’t valid.

what level?

level 1… no text …

i am not sure what you mean by “level”

the level of the info Node.

I tried it with a dxtexture and have although not a shared texture.

filein_34.2x64.v4p (5.2 kB)

ok, the info node also has a Levels output which tells you how many levels the texture has: 1 in that case. this one texture-level is retrieved via Level index 0. that explains why switching level index to 1 does not make sense, right?

if you thought the texture levels have something to do with the doublebuffering your assumption was wrong. levels here refer to texture mipmap levels.