VideoIn - setting properties of capture pin


i’m using a ueye usb camera and can’t set the capture resolution with the pins provided by the VideoIn node.

Is there a way of setting the properties of the capture pin (direct show) of a video device manually? I see i can set the filter properties (like brightness,…) but cant access properties like resolution, shutterspeed, fps and so on.

The Stream Capabilities provided by the driver are all only the maximum resolutions. But from the properties page one could set smaller ones. (in other programms)

Is there a way or is this a whishlist thing?


ai guest,

the ueye cams don’t use the defaut directshow mechanism for setting the resolution. you can do it in their uEye demo program which will save the settings and they’ll be used in vvvv.

i’ll have to see if i can do something about that…