Videoin-- renderer on the second monitor doesn't work with a webcaminput

my problem: last night i played with the girlspower “granularvideo”. all works good. but when i trop the DXrenderer on the second monitor, the renderer gets these typical videodisturbance or becomes black and white. put the renderer back to the first monitor it just remains the white quad. without the powerful node “queue (ex9texture)” it works also on the second monitor. whats the reason?
thank you

I think the problem is that a videotexture can only be rendered in one device, so queue duplicates it, that means that when you move it to the second screen you actually are having the vidoetexture on both the screens…

try making a new save wile your window is on the second monitor , close vvvv and reopen it all again
what s the result?

thank you. it works. there are some videodisturbance in the webcamstream on the second monitor but it works. when i saved it with the renderer in fullscreen mode it doesn´t work. and if i siwtch to fullscreen on second mintor it also brakes down.

you may also send it with S node (node) and redistribute it to different quads and fx