VideoIn Pointgrey dragonfly camera problem

Hello guys ,

i have some strange behaviour using videoin with point grey cameras , they only it keeps asking for selecteing a driver forever ,

i attached picture , got it work in with beta 25 it asked me one time for each iobox conected to videoin node so for one camera it asked me about 4 times for other camera the same , but in the alpha version it never stop asking to select which camera driver . any hints solution for that ?


upss i,m having troubles also with the imaging source capture i can only use one input if using two the other videoin crash this use to work before , any ideas , maybe my system

uhmm problem persist in other sysmtems , when i duplicate videon in everything seems to be fine apart from the analog video input pin when talking to the capture , :(

do you enable the force preview via… with the inspektor?

hi sapo , thanks for reply , yes i tried and no success . i,ll get xpresscard with firewires to try and see if there is a change .

are you feeding its power thuth firewire ? if yes you need more power ( use Frewire HUB)

thanks for reply karistouf but power is not the problem , i,m feeding them with an extra power in the hub , i always had problem with it , best would be to have a plug for the pointgrey devices , my knowledge not enouhgt for it in c# althouhg i was told it should not be very dificult , i found this thread for openframeworks ,

if anyone want to give me some hints for pluging hardware i,ll try hard . btw i,m looking forward for those todo tutorials here dynamic plugin tutorials ) i,ll be best fan ;D

aie aie aie… code is dedicated to OF template and classes… surely this requires devvvs eye to set a wrapper… sorry !

maybe there may be one last chance: no firewall around ? everything is down ?

hehe thanks for tips karistouf i apreciate ;D , cameras work fine with the pointgrey application that is why i know is not the firewire camera or hub , cameras come with some sdk and example in c# but a bit too dificult for me so far . let,s see in some months if i get the chance to get deeper ;D

hm…iirc one of the italians did this already. a plugin for those pointgrey cams. can’t remember which of the bois it was though…also i think he never shared the sources…

alright thanks joreg , i,ll see what i get