VideoIn node autocalibration?

Hi everyone/anyone,

I’m using the node videoin for a installation that reacts to movement captured with a webcam.
The problem is that a specific time of the day, the sun is shining straight to the webcam and I start recieving no information from it. If I go to the property page I can adjust the settings of the webcam and I works again. But since I cannot go to the installation everyday to do this (not very practical) I wanted to know if someone has a workaround that would do this automatically.


Is it a logitech c920?

I just had the same issue with logitech c920, pretty annoying. I made this little patch to open the camera settings and then going selecting the advanced page.
I ended up having the auto settings I needed this way. You can use the method for creating the relevant sequence of keystrokes to set it like you want.

(Note to self: make that keystroke sequencer!)

LogitechCameraResetter.v4p (21.6 kB)