VideoIn - miniDV camera - which driver?


I’m using a normal Panasonic miniDV camera connected to my laptop using a Firewire cable.

It’s working fine and fast enough, but sometimes when I reload the patch or when I turn the camera off and on again, the image freezes and the only way to get it working again is to reload vvvv or delete VideoIn node and create it again.

I’m using the standard driver. Are there any alternative drivers which don’t have this problem? Or should I stick to this one and will have to live with it?


Hi i am reporting some similar problems:

While creating VideoIn and keep patching the System works as expected. Beside some renderdevice switching problems everything works properly so far.

When restarting after saving the patch vvvv crashes: TTY sais “Falscher Filterstatus”.

I tried different caputer devices and drivers. nothing helped.

anyone experienced this before and can help. i am using 40beta16.



what other drivers are there for normal miniDV cameras?


I’ve been told that using FireWire cameras can be tricky here, I got around this using a simple and cheap USB analog capture device connected to a DV cam for my tracking purposes. Unless you need DV resolution or FW specific features, this could be a way to go.