VideoIn freeze

Hi guys and girls,

Does anyone know why video in node (both dx9 and dx11) gets vvvv into freeze/stuck? Similar thing is happening with free frame nodes. I’m using beta 39, but this happens also in earlier versions now(and I think also in gamma opencv).
Using built in camera(bison cam) and logitech 920.

Thanks in advance

Just tested dx9 and dx11 with a kinect. No problems.
Any messages in TTY? Or try enabling exceptions.


Tried few times again. Sometimes it works and sometimes not, old patch is working, but when creating new one it doesn’t work, DX11 freeze when changing format type. Seems that DX9 did worked most of the times. Anyway, freeframe nodes like contour get freeze in the moment I’m trying to connect as video to contour. TTY didn’t provide any message because the program is not responding.
Opencv in gamma - videoin doesn’t show image in the renderer, and then renderers are not responding while the patch nodes are fine.


Free frames need proper video format, witch can be anything on the video in

Thanks bjorn and antokhio.
Managed to fix all those issues.
I guuess it was due to codec lack. Fixed by installing K-Lite Codec Pack Mega.

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