VideoIn - DirectShow filter registry

Dear Friends.

I’m suffering from Videoin feature. Problem is…every time I open up my patches, all configurations in property setup of videoin are gone! I’m trying to use machine vision cam - sentech - and did save all the directshow filter setting inside the program of camera. If I run AMcap software to make sure every directshow filter is set up as default, I see identical setting. If I open up vvvv to implement videoin feature, however, all settings are overridden by something else I’ve never set up. Only solution I’ve found so far is that I have to reload default registry every time I open up my patches, which is quite troublesome for me.

Any help will be massively appreciated.


VideoIn (DShow9) has a range of inputs that are only available via Inspektor. see if you can use those to configure the settings you’re interrested in.

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