hey guys.
I was just wondering why vvvv does not show the livepics of my webcam…
I have got a Logitech quick came for notebooks deluxe

I did a videoinput -> videotexture -> quad -> renderer
but it didn’t work.

then I tried to put a Iobox and connected it with the output denum with the driver of the videoin.
but it didn’t work.

wo what am I doing wrong??

please help

VideoIn enabled?

VideoTexture --> checked the Texture Size Mode?

What do you see?

pixel garbage?

what do the outputs like framerate show?

hey kalle.
das fenster vom renderer ist nur schwarz.


hi guest, do you have a name?

better attach files here in the forum than at my userpage.
the patch you sent me worked at the first try for me.

have a look at this patch.

webcam.v4p (6.7 kB)

hallo kalle.

also ich bin der mario.
verzweifle gerade total.
kann ja nicht allzu schwierig sein ein bild zu bekommen…

also vielleicht hats ja auch mit der logitech quickcam… was zu tun?

auf jeden fall tut sich da überhaupt nichts…

auch das beispiel, dass du mir gesendet hast funktioniert nicht.

g m

try to disconnect videotexture.

connect a VideoOut instead.

I justed started the camera on another computer and what the hell- it worked. so I was not as stupid as I thought. thnx a lot.

BTW.: i patched a VideoIn Tutorial
check out User Tutorials.

bitte schön.

hey vvvvdevs,

VideoIn (DShow9) offers a lot of hidden pins like brightness, contrast etc.
those parameters can also be accessed by the “Property Page”.

when i set different parameters in the Property Page than in the node:
which of these are selected when i save and reload the patch?!?

i’d like to have some certitude about that behaviour…

ja, how is this…

the sliders in PropertyPage and in VideoIn-Inspektor actually set the same values in the registry. it is only that they don’t update correspondingly while you change one.

everytime you create a VideoIn node though, it will read the current settings from the registry. change a setting in the propertypage, then reset the VideoIn node and see that the value in inspektor will now be the one you set via propertypage.

therefore if you want to make sure a setting is the same the next time you start vvvv you’ll have to connect the pins with ioboxes, else the pins will always reflect the settings currently saved in the registry.

hm…while this is so, i am no longer sure if this is really cool. rather it is not.

thx for your fast reply.

this helps me to get a reproduceable behaviour …