Video Tracking

How can I take image from a camera on vvvv and Know where the moving object is? I don’t Know anything about this tech so please start from the basic!

Hello Makris

You can have different aproaches using the FreeFrame.
Read the link ,and open the node of the freeframes in vvvv , press F1 to see the help Patches then come back and tell us your doubts .

Thank you! I tried with Color Tracker. Then I tried to change the input using “videoin” but vvvv takes no image from the camera. Do I need Quicktime or something?

I managed to get image from the camera but…it’s Black n’ White. But that happens only on vvvv. Do you Know any parameter that change this to full color?

Hello , try first the camera only , maybe check the videoin tutorial in Usertutorials
Try changing the analog video standard pin , i sometimes have the black and white issue when being in ntsc instead of pal using some devices also the property pin will show your camera driver options , perhaps somehing there

find the VideoIn Tutorial on User Tutorials and look all your nodes with the Inspector. lots of hidden pins will show up.

I managed to do it! Thank you both very much