Video to DMX continues

Hello everybody.
I’m trying to map video to RGB fixtures.
Found a VideoMap patch from here:
It’s good, when I have RGB fixtures, but I have fixtures that have 11 channels - Elation Exbar (R,G,B,R,G,B,R,G,B,Shutter,Dimmer).
How is it possible to use them? I have 5x5 array of fixtures (that’s 15x5 pixels).

It is not that hard, I don’t know what the shutter or Dimmer values should be, and also not sure about your last step, sending it to a DMX device.

Anyway… attached patch should get you there.

DMX mapper.v4p (19.3 kB)

Thank You, West.
Shutter and dimmer should be changeable like You did it.
I want to send it to little_cat engine and then via Velleman USB-DMX device to fixtures.
I tried, but it didn’t work now. I think the problem is with my Velleman box. It doesn’t output anything.
Few hours ago I was able to manipulate my fixtures. Now I can see only LED flashing on it but nothing happens. :(
I keep trying to output something.

Do you have little cat text file configured correctly and do you see the dots appearing in little cat (the dots mean they receive something over UDP).

Also the values need to be mapped back to 0-255 in stead of 0-1.0000.

Put this patch in the same folder as little cat (and check to see you use the same port).

LittleCatDMX.v4p (20.4 kB)

West, you’re fast. :)
I got it working myself. I just multiplied DMX values by 255. That was my only problem. Tomorrow I must check, if it is working as I wish.
Now I think I must re-address my fixtures. I think I can’t tell in vvvv every fixture’s address.

Now there’s another problem. It’s about Velleman’s device, I think. Or could there be something with vvvv or little cat? It outputs signal only about 2 times in a second. No smooth fades.

Also there’s a problem with video playback speed. I’m currently using FileStream (what could be better alternative, if any?) node. Video file is 96x32px mov file. QT is installed.

Did you test the device with normal software? I know there are some crap USB-DMX dongles out there that have trouble with more than 100 dmx channels.

No, I haven’t tested it with any other software. I have never actually used it. Took it out from the box few days ago. I was bought to use with Jands Vista T2 console to get 1 more universe, I think. But never needed yet.
Can You suggest some free DMX software that supports Velleman’s K8062 USB-DMX device?

Edit: Velleman seems to be connected as USB 1.1 device. I think it should be capable to do USB 2.0…
And video playback speed was caused by bad video file. Video is running smooth now. :)
Just output refresh rate is a problem now.

Edit2: It’s all because of Velleman. Tried Velleman on PC. Same problem.
Must find some better USB-DMX interface. Enttec seems good.

hi ! yes velleman is a VERY bad dmx hardware, exactly like the dmx4all device: very low if you go up than 50 or 60 dimmers. the reason is that one channel after the other is sended by the driver. and the driver listen only one channel at each time from the app. wich means: ITS LOW!

if you have not so much money, you can go on an enttec open, but you will not be opto isolated ( electricty can come to your computer from a chock on a dimmer). Please prefer an enttec pro… it will be more good for your pc ;-)

free dmx software supporting velleman: schwartzpeter, whitecat, freestyler, manolator, etc… it depends in wich field you want to use it. but personnaly, i would really sell it back on ebay to get a better device