Video Time scrolling

Hi Folks,

I’m pretty new to VVVV and I would like to make an Video-Instalation with an arduino distance measurement sensor.

However, I would like to control the point in time of the Video, in other words moving forward and backward in the video timeline according to the sensor.

Until now I tried something with the “Filestream function” and the “Set Time” option to navigate in the video.
But as I have to update the “Do Search” button I get a pretty poor result, as the “sliding” should be smooth.

I even tried to connect it to the the Timeliner SA, but It seamed to be too difficult for that simple function.

Can anyone help me, or does anyone can tell me where to search?

Thanks in advance

and grteetz from Berlin

use player EX9 node

You sure you read about the codes? faq codecs

You need keyframes for every frame for smooth scrolling.

And there are some video scrubbers already made, old, but you get the idea.

The Filestream (EX9.Texture.VLC) (note the word VLC here!!) might have better performance these days, but key is codec I think.