Video textures on multiple objects

hi all,

just want to know, if there is a possibility to render multiple video textures on the appropriate amount of quads simultaneously? (e.g. 5 videos, 5 quads - 1 video/quad) i know that the filestream and the video texture nodes are not spreadable, but do i also have to create the same amount of quad-nodes then?? one spreaded quad would be much more comfortable…, a “cons(NODE)” for video textures - that’s what i would need, but that’s just something for the wishlist i guess…any ideas? (for some reason i have to use videos and not image files…)

thx for any hints,



due to internal … matters … it is not possible to spread a filestream/videotexture graph.

what i have done to make it still kind of convenient to work with such a situation:
make yourself a subpatch called “videoplayer” that plays a video on a quad. for easy/spreaded handlig now this patch receives each of the needed parameters (like e.g.: x, y, width, height, filename, play, pause,…) as a spread.

you will still have to instantiate that subpatch 5 times now. but! in the patch you place a Self (VVVV) node that outputs a unique id for each of the instances. now you use this id as index to a getslice to get an individual parameter for each instance.

this way you can place 5 instances of the “videoplayer” anywhere in the patch and don’t need to connect cords. to increase/decrease your initial spreadcount of 5 you then only have to adapt the number of instances of your “videoplayer” while increasing the spreadcount of your parameters.

hope this is understandable. good lukc.