Video Texture


how can I play backward a video using file stream and video texture nodes?
The all concept is to play a video forward when the users scream and play backward when users stops.

thanks a lot for your help.

final1.v4p (67.1 kB)

almost all video codecs are highly optimized to play forwards (diff-frames). if you find a high performance video codec which has fast random access like picvideo mjpg then you could use the Do Seek with a seek time which runs backwards.

but it depends on the codec and video size how well it works.

final2.v4p (68.7 kB)

set seek pin to 1 and seek time with appropiate values to control playback speed. also be sure to use a codec with a keyframe at every single frame (e.g. mjpg) or other vj friendly codec.

edit: tonfilm has leading…

Thanks again,
Hmm… i see… and yes I already have problem with my video.
something else, where I have to connect Energy out pin from audioin in final2.v4p?

to the reverse of the LFO? or what do you mean?

Ok, my new updated patch… I have a new problem now… my new .mov video doesn’t show up. I can’t understand why. I already install QuickTime and export my after effects project to .mov, motion jpeg A and B… what else can i do?

is the only way to make do seek pin works corectly?

final2.v4p (34.4 kB)

there are several codecs which have only keyframes you could search for vj codecs. picvideo is the best i know and its not very expensive.

mov files are not played by the directshow system which the filestream uses. you can check the playback with mediaplayer classic for example. it should use the same decoders as vvvv.